We care about your physical and spiritual health

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on ancient oriental theories which have developed and sustained the test of time over thousands of years of practice. It is our vision to promote holistic wellbeing through natural therapies in the form of acupuncture, Chinese herbalism and meditations. We seek to educate the wider population on how to achieve good health through living a balanced lifestyle based on TCM philosophies.  


We adopt the authentic traditional theory of acupuncture, which follows the heaven-earth-human system by selected acu-points to stimulate body energy self-healing process. Acupuncture can be used to treat pains, hormonal disorders, emotional dysrrgulation and many other health complaints. 

Raw Herb Product

House made prepared natural herb teas with high quality  ingredients.

Herbal Granule

Herb medicines have been widely used for problems like common cold, infertility, IBS and more. 

Meditation & Taichi Class

Private class consist with body and spiritual theory studies and practices.

Chinese Astrology Reading

I Ching concept of fortune telling.  

Fengshui Service

Evaluating  air, soil, water and sunlight evironmental factors of residential or commercial places. 

 Address : 

22 Grimwood Street

Granville, NSW  

Enquiry and booking: 0452626732

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